Our story

Grand Master Oogway (Satoshi) battles General Kai (The Matrix) in the Spirit Realm, a
spirit warrior Yak who has slain all the other deceased kung fu masters and taken their
Chi. Oogway gets his own Chi taken, but only after warning Kai that he will be stopped. Kai returns to the Mortal Realm with the Chi he stole.

Meanwhile, Master Shifu (Vitalik) retires from teaching and selects Po (Cz) as his successor. Po's early efforts at teaching unexpectedly harm the Furious Five (Elon, Tate, Tristan, Charlie, Levin) and Shifu urges Po to be more like himself and less like Shifu. Po goes home, where he encounters Li Shan (Shengkai), a panda whom both readily recognize as Po's biological father, who came to locate Po after getting a message from the cosmos that his son was still alive. Po's adoptive father, Mr. Ping (Saylor), is furious and envious as the two form an instant relationship. Po joins the Five to protect the Valley of Peace from Kai's jade zombies, the corpses of kung fu masters who had their Chi taken, after presenting Li to Shifu and the Five. The crew discovers via investigation that Kai and Oogway were once friends and that Kai saved the life of an injured Oogway by transporting him

to a hidden panda settlement to be treated. Oogway was taught to offer to heal Chi by the pandas, but Kai learned to steal Chi from others for his selfish strength, leading Oogway to exile him to the Spirit Realm. While Shifu and the Five prepare to guard the valley, Li offers to take Po to the village to study Chi and beat Kai. Mr. Ping stows away, hoping to drive a rift between Po and Li, but he is quickly detected. When Li first arrives in the hamlet, he will only teach Po Chi once he has learned to live the laid-back lifestyle of a panda. Kai takes the Chi of every surviving kung fu master and destroys the Jade Palace to obliterate Oogway's legacy. Only Master Tigress(Elon) manages to escape, finding Po and informing him of what has occurred. When Po insists that Li quickly teach him how to utilize Chi, Li admits that he lied about understanding Chi out of fear of losing his kid again. Po disowns Li and trains alone to overcome Kai, while a remorseful Mr. Ping sympathizes with Li and tells him that Po will forgive him.

Po acknowledges to Tigress that he cannot overcome Kai on his own. Po is asked to teach kung fu to Li, Mr. Ping, and the pandas. Recognizing what previously caused him to fail as a teacher, Po instructs pupils to utilize their daily activities as kung fu talents rather than mimic his kung fu. Po and Li reconcile during training and prepare for Kai's assault. Kai appears and assaults the community with his jade zombies. Po's pupils battle against them, distracting Kai long enough for Po to employ the Wuxi Finger Hold technique to cast Kai into the Spirit Realm. Kai, a spirited fighter, explains that the method is only effective on mortals and assaults Po viciously. Po grabs Kai and performs the Wuxi Finger Hold on himself to rescue the others, sending them both to the Spirit Realm. Kai, enraged bonds Po and starts stealing his Chi. In the mortal world, Li leads the others in offering their Chi to Po, realizing that discovering oneself is the key to unleashing Chi. Po

is resurrected and utilizes his newly enhanced Chi to destroy Kai. With Kai gone, the kung fu masters' Chi has been restored. Oogway discloses in the Spirit Realm that he gave Li a cosmic message detailing where to locate Po. Oogway also explains why he picked Po as the Dragon Warrior: Po, being a panda, could learn kung fu and Chi. Oogway appoints Po as Grand Master and hands him his magical staff, which Po uses to return to the Mortal Realm. Po starts on his new duty in the repaired Jade Palace, where all the pandas and residents of the Valley of Peace practice kung fu and Chi after reuniting with the others. I am still determining what the future holds. I didn't come here to tell you how it would finish but to tell you how it would begin." Panda is you and your children's future. Everyone has an equal opportunity.